What are your shipping costs? Shipping is totally free within Australia. If you are wanting to send something overseas please contact us from the contact page for a Shipping fee calculation cost.

When will my item arrive? If you add express shipping to cart your item will arrive in as little as 5-7 working days. If you want to know an estimate arrival date without express shipping using our free shipping option please contact us via the contact page with the product you are interested in and we will respond within 24-48 hours. To have your camera strap/bag/or other item arrive within Australia in 5-7 days, please add express shipping to your cart before checkout. Because of the high demand of orders our camera straps and other items, they are sent out in a systematic like order – and because we offer free shipping, our postage and handling times vary dramatically and your item could arrive anywhere between 2 – 4 weeks. However we can jump your order first in line and get it to you faster if you are happy to pay express shipping! It will be slightly higher than Australian express post chargers as we have our own shipment service. Please allow 30 – 60 working days for your item to arrive if it is out of stock, due to getting things back in stock at times it will mean it will take a little longer.

What if I didn’t get what I ordered? If you didn’t get what you ordered please contact us immediately via the contact page of our website with a photo of what you received and your full name and order number so we can match up your order. You will need to post your item back to us (we will give you a postal address upon request) and once we have received the product we will get the correct item out to you immediately. However you will need to return your item as soon as you are aware that it is an incorrect order so that we will get the item back within 7-10 working days of you having received the wrong item and be able to replace this for you, any returned orders after this time will be deemed as invalid returns.

Do you accept returns? We do not accept returns for ‘change of mind’ we will accept returns if the item has been damaged in the post and you would like a replacement of the same item.

Do you do refunds? We do not refund – however if you received the wrong product we will be sure to replace it with the correct item as soon as you have returned the item to our postal address. (Please contact us for address)

If I order several items will they all come together in one package? No, each product you have ordered from our website will come in separate packages, we have different stockists for our products so we don’t always order them from the same place.

I received a camera strap but it didn’t say it was from Camera Straps Australia? Correct, we order our products through other stockists which we are partnered with so we can’t always give it our personal signature touch. If there is an issue with your order please do not try to contact our stockists, but rather email us at camerastrapsaustralia@gmail.com.

Can I make a suggestion? You certainly we can and we encourage it and love hearing from our customers, got a new camera strap style in mind that you would like to see on our website, or perhaps a different colour camera bag? We love to add new products and suggestion to our Australian site! So please drop us a message via our contact page.

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